Procrastination Week

OMG!  I think I found it, my favorite holiday ever!  And it’s a week-long one too….  This March 7th begins National Procrastination Week according to!  So what is your list to “postpone doing?”  I think I will begin by NOT touching the website.  Then I will NOT do laundry, nor will I go to the grocery store.  I think maybe I will NOT pay any bills, all those listed things are just draining my well-being. 

But, what happens on March 14th?  Oh well, guess I will deal with March 14th and the end to my favorite week-long holiday then– it’s all about procrastination anyhow.


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Alef Bet Jewelry is a mother-daughter company that manufactures jewelry in Los Angeles, CA. The company was started while Alissa was attending UCLA, and her husband came up with the idea of making Hebrew letter jewelry. Hence, the name and company were born--- Alef Bet Jewelry. (Like alphabet but in Hebrew) Since 1996, Alef Bet Jewelry has grown both its products and popularity. We are nationwide and our jewelry can be found in many boutiques and jewelry stores near you. Call for a store near you, or look online at
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