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Let’s Lighten Up for Purim

At first glance, the Jewish calendar seems to be strewn with solemn sacred occasions.  Many holidays do command reverence in its most solemn forms, such as atonement. Then there’s Purim. Traditions vary, depending upon where in the Jewish world you … Continue reading

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Where are the Images?

Ok, so we switched hosting/software companies and practically every image we had online is gone.  Went to alef bet  cyber-heaven I fear.  As you can see by the post about Valentine’s Day, all the images are gone. Cyber-heaven again I … Continue reading

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Procrastination Week

OMG!  I think I found it, my favorite holiday ever!  And it’s a week-long one too….  This March 7th begins National Procrastination Week according to!  So what is your list to “postpone doing?”  I think I will begin by … Continue reading

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Recovering from a gift show.

You might think going to a gift show is glamorous, it is HARD work! I give so much credit to manufacturers and wholesalers that travel and do these shows! Setting up a booth can take hours, we spent 12 on … Continue reading

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We’ve all heard of the “Aha!” moment – when you have a realization. We’re having that, plus an “Ahava” moment about Valentine’s Day, and February in general. In case you don’t know, “Ahava” means “love” in Hebrew, and idea celebrated … Continue reading

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  613 REASONS TO LOVE POMEGRANATES   …and scientists and nutritionists are discovering more every day. Modern health care is all a-buzz over this succulent ancient fruit. Many studies are underway, and current evidence suggests that pomegranates are packed with … Continue reading

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